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The Polycon communications system provides the capability to rotary and fixed-wing operators to have audio communications between on and off aircraft crew members, as well as ground crews.

The Polycon System provides:

• Hands-free communication between hoist operators and rescue personnel on the hoist
• Semi duplex voice-activated mode, hands-free mode, and a push-to-talk mode
• Sixteen independent channels with unlimited mobile crew members
• Unsurpassed simultaneous omni directional communications among all users in the aircraft network within 15 NM of the aircraft.
• Drastically improving situational awareness and operational accuracy through constant participation in onboard communication by all crew members, including the external crew member.
• Enhanced aircraft safety via positive clearances to obstructions, from external crew on the ground.
• Waterproof transceiver supports hands free continuous communication.
• Dual band Maritime VHF option for direct communication to helicopter and other participating response groups such as ships emergency channels, all in the same transceiver.

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