MR510 406 MHz Dual Voice Personal Locator Beacon

MR510 300 MR510 406 MHz Dual Voice Personal Locator Beacon Becker Avionics introduces the new MR510 Personal Locator Beacon (PLB), with integrated 12-Channel GPS and dual voice communication capability (UHF or VHF). The MR510 presents a significant safety tool for aviation and marine professionals.

The new MR510 Personal Locator Beacon offers military-grade performance, with advanced features including global positioning system (GPS) technology, which make it easier and quicker for COSPAS-SARSAT satellites to pick up distress signals and relay an accurate location to rescuers. Pinpointing the location of the person in distress will quickly help search and rescue agencies to better locate individuals and save lives.

Further, the MR510 Personal Locator Beacon is also ideal equipment for outdoor adventurers, giving them access to the technology used by professional aviators and mariners.

The MR510 is the most advanced COSPAS-SARSAT certified handheld PLB available today and is a rugged, multipurpose survival radio and locator device designed for civil and military aircrews, mariners, and ground personnel.

Transmissions from the MR510 are omnidirectional and continue for at least 24 hours at temperature extremes down to -20°C (Class 2) to help facilitate detection by satellite, aircraft or vessels, or by any other land, sea or airborne installations monitoring these frequencies. Class 1 performance (24 hours at -40°C) is available on request.

The new MR510 PLB features:
• COSPAS-SARSAT Certification
• Designed for all Airborne, Land and Marine applications
• Multi Emergency Band – 121.5 MHz, 243.0 MHz and 406 MHz
• Two-way VHF or UHF Voice Communication (programmable)
• Remote activation of voice reception through a 1kHz pilot tone to address the user
• Fully Self-Contained (Transceiver, V/UHF/C-S Antennas, with latest Generation 12 Channel GPS)
• Compact. Lightweight, with State-of-the-Art Technology
• Manual or Automatic Activation by Lanyard or Water Immersion
• Extensive Battery Life
• Life Vest and Ejection Seat Capability
• Watertight to 10 Meters (33 ft)
• Initiated Built-In-Test feature
• Compliance with: Stanag 7007 P 1 PSAR, MIL-STD 810E, ED-14E (DO-160E)

When activated, the MR510 transmits sweep tone radio distress signals on the international VHF/UHF emergency frequencies, simultaneously sending messages on the COSPAS-SARSAT (CIS) satellite frequency, providing detection and accurate positioning anywhere in the world. Automatic activation either by lanyard or water immersion, as well as one-handed manual operation is also an important capability.

Two-way voice communications with SAR crews is utilized through VHF or UHF aviation and marine emergency frequency mode that also aids in locating the user. This feature can be manually or remotely activated when the unit is operating in beacon mode. A simple built-in test (BIT) function ensures quick and easy operational readiness of the unit. The unit is all self-contained and is waterproof to a depth of 10 meters. Battery shelf life is over five years.

The MR510 PLB is designed to be used as a personal hand-carried emergency locator device. When used aboard an aircraft, vessel or vehicle, no installation provisions like mounting brackets or electrical interfacing is required.

Becker Avionics utilized the proven experience gained from the reliable MR506/509 model PLB to develop and field the new MR510 with new advanced technology features designed for many years of reliable use and capability.


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