Fixed Wing Audio Control Panel Variants

FixedWingAudioControl 300 Fixed Wing Audio Control Panel VariantsBecker Avionics unveiled new fixed wing digital audio panels for its Digital Audio and Intercom System DVCS6100. The new panel variants of the Audio Control Unit (ACU) 6100 are specifically tailored for fixed-wing applications. The new fixed-wing ACU6100 will come in a horizontal and vertical format to ease retrofit installations. The new fixed-wing audio control panel is similar to the standard ACU6100, but includes oxygen mic switching, marker beacon mute and other functions. The panel will be available in a number of different lighting options, from soft white light to NVG compatible lighting. The ACU6100 is a pushbutton audio selector panel that controls all audio and intercom functionality for the systems Remote Electronic Unit (REU) 6100 via a dual CAN-Bus connection.

The DVCS6100 integrates all communications in the aircraft and provides flexible user-programmable configurations. The system offers a unique ability to effectively manage and control multiple audio sources and cabin passenger positions. Becker’s Digital multichannel audio and intercom system provides the flexibility to specifically customize the system to meet the demanding requirements of business aviation and airlines. The DVCS6100 manages all transceivers, receivers and audio warning sources in one central system. It provides interphone communication for up to 6 audio control stations to meet crewmember needs. The system can handle up to 8 transceivers, 8 receivers, 6 fixed inputs and 8 warning tones. The DVCS6100 is the newest generation audio management system and was designed to meet specific needs of commercial and business aviation applications. Adaptable to all airborne applications, from large to small platforms, the DVCS6100 provides crisp and clear audio communication.

With its flexible and open system architecture, operational comfort and superior voice quality, almost any customer requirement can be met. In addition, the Becker Avionics’ DVCS 6100 provides an optional Cabin Intercommunication and Passenger Address system, consisting of the Control Panel CP3100, External Jack Box EB3100, Intercom Amplifier IC3100, Public Address Amplifier PA3100, Converter Box CB 3100, Service Station ST3100, and Digital Player DP 4100. The DVCS6100 easily integrates all communications in the aircraft and provides flexible user-programmable configurations.

About the DVCS6100

The DVCS6100 design provides the customer with ability to match a wide range of operational requirements with only one system. The built-in scalability and flexibility reduces not only the cost and time requirements for constant re-engineering and certification for a tailored system solution, but also reduces the learning curve for integration, maintenance and troubleshooting time. Through software programming options, the system is both easily and quickly configurable to individual customer requirements, thus saving time and money.

The DVCS’ open system architecture technology provides for operational comfort and superior voice quality, ensuring that almost any customer requirement can be met, while providing crystal clear communication for crew and passengers. Becker Avionics focuses on meeting individual requirements with the highest commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. The state-of-the-art Digital DVCS6100 will enhance the effectiveness of any aerial platform. When compared to a legacy analog audio system, Digital technology provides simplified installation, improved performance, reduced wiring and weight, along with reduced installation and maintenance costs. Furthermore, the comprehensive built-in-test (BIT) feature enables line maintenance crews to easily diagnose/isolate failures and replace system components quickly.

No matter what the mission; from passenger transport to Law Enforcement and EMS, and surveillance or utility operations, the Becker Digital Audio system ensures a more modern and capable aerial platform.

DVCS6100 Digital Audio System Features

The new horizontal and vertical Fixed-Wing Audio Control Unit (ACU) 6100 is an integral part of the Digital Voice Communication System (DVCS) 6100. The ACU controls the Remote Electronics Unit (REU) 6100 and allows the user to monitor or transmit on the desired radio sources. A maximum of six (6) ACU’s can be connected to one REU.

The new Fixed-Wing ACU is specifically designed for installation in the cockpit of fixed-wing aircraft. Installation is accomplished through four (4) DZUS-style fasteners according to ARINC 601 standards. The ACU6100 is backlit and offers individual dimmer control for general panel lighting and annunciators. The panel is available in white, soft white or NVIS green compatible illumination.

The ACU communicates with the REU via a dual redundant serial CAN-Bus interface. State of the art Can-Bus technology allows the ACU to transmit the status of the selected switches and rotary controls to the REU.

The EMER position (toggle switch) switch feature is not routed through the interface, but is hard-wired in order to allow Emergency operation, even if the unit fails.

The radiolabels on the ACU can be customer specified and are easily field replaceable. The ACU6100 offers the following controls on the front panel:

• 1 Rotary switch, 10 positions, to preselect the active transceiver as well as Public Address or Intercom mode. Also to select dual or Simulcast mode if configured.
• 8 Monitoring push button switches, combined with potentiometers, and furnished with a LED indicator for the transceivers.
• 8 Monitoring push button switches, combined with potentiometers for receivers only.
• 1 Toggle switch with locking lever labeled MIC/MASK to switch between normal MIC and MASK Mic operation.
• 1 SPKR button with LED to switch the cockpit speaker on and off (green LED: speaker on) if speaker function is provided.
• 1 VOICE button with LED to switch the ident filter on and off (green LED: filter on, ident frequency 1020 Hz suppressed).
• 1 MKR Mute button with LED to switch the marker receiver mute on and off (green LED: marker receiver muted).
• 1 button labeled ISOL/CALL with LED’s to control the intercom functions between cockpit and cabin area respectively.
• 1 TEST button combination to activate the Initiated-Built-In-Test (IBIT) feature.
• 1 Toggle switch with locking lever labeled NORM/EMER to switch between Normal Operation and Emergency mode if necessary.


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